Tourism Strategies

Butte County Tourism Strategy and Implementation Plan (2013)

Building on her earlier work, Ms. Studwell recently completed a Tourism Strategy and Implementation Plan for Butte County and its jurisdictions. The strategy addressed the need to form a countywide tourism council and to fund new investments in tourism assets, marketing and promotion through a tourism improvement district. The strategy included a marketing plan that identified target audiences, key branding messages and tactics for promoting travel to the county.

Butte County Tourism Growth Feasibility and Economic Impact Analysis (2007)

Ms. Studwell, while with ADE, assessed the feasibility and economic impact of increased tourism in Butte County. A major focus of the study was estimating tax revenues resulting from potential new de-velopment of tourism and recreation activities in the unincorporated areas. The project included a lodging study that analyzed the market demand for new lodging based on historical occupancy and room rates. The report concluded with a set of recommendations for tourism marketing, infrastructure improvements and land use and other policies to be included in the County’s updated General Plan.

Clarksburg AVA (Yolo County) Wine Processing and Tourism Feasibility Study

The feasibility study included an analysis of 4 distinct wine processing scenarios. The most probable scenario resulted in a total of 52 wineries within ten years that would be able to process nearly 72,000 tons of grapes. As part of the study, ADE completed a market tourism analysis that included an analysis of visitor and lodging trends in similar and competing wine regions. The final report included recommended infrastructure improvements, programs and strategies to realize the district’s wine processing and tourism potential.

Laughlin, NV Economic Development Strategy, Place-Branding, and Marketing Communications

Laughlin, an unincorporated community located at the southernmost tip of Nevada has the largest concentration of casinos outside of Las Vegas and wanted a strategy to diversify its economy away from gaming. Ms. Studwell, leading a team of consultants from ADE and The Placemaking Group, worked with the Town Manager’s office and a community advisory team to develop a strategy focused on attracting solar and green energy equipment manufacturing and nature and recreation tourism. Following completion of the strategy, her team designed a comprehensive marketing communications strategy including place-branding, marketing plan, economic development website and printed marketing collateral.

Artisan Agriculture Feasibility Analysis

Ms. Studwell prepared an analysis of the feasibility of “artisan agriculture” at the northwest end of the City of Greenfield. The feasibility analysis determined that such uses would be economically feasible within the study area, but that the City would have to shepherd the conversion from traditional large-scale agriculture to new models of small-scale agriculture and related tourism. This shepherding would take the form of offering technical assistance workshops and forums on starting and operating such en-terprises, and enhancing the local library’s business resource center.