Collaborative Process Design and Facilitation
  • Temecula 2030 Quality of Life Master Plan
  • Santa Clara County Strategic Vision Program
  • Tri-Valley Business Council: The Golden Valley, A Vision for 2020
  • Valley Vision and Regional Action Partnership: Sacramento Metropolitan Region Quality of Life Indicators
  • San Mateo County Shared Vision 2010 Countywide Strategic Visioning program
Food System Planning
  • AFT, Bay Area Agricultural Economic Development and Investment Strategy
  • SAGE, Coyote Valley Agriculture Feasibility Study
  • Fort Bragg, Food Industry Marketing Opportunity and Technical Assistance Strategy
  • Yolo County, Clarksburg AVA Wine Processing Feasibility Study
  • Northwest Food Processors Association Industry Cluster Assessment and Roadmap
  • San Joaquin Valley Food Technology Cluster Assessment and Strategic Plan
  • Petaluma Economic Development Strategy and Implementation Plan
  • Sutter County General Plan Agriculture Resources Element
  • Santa Cruz Food and Agriculture Cluster Project
Industry Cluster Analysis and Organizational Development
  • California’s Autonomous Technologies (UAVs, Robots) Cluster: Implications for Economic Development in Yuba and Sutter Counties.
  • San Joaquin Valley Water Flow Technology
  • Arts in the Desert: An Arts-based Approach to Economic Development, Imperial County (2009)
  • San Joaquin Valley Food Technology Cluster strategy and organizational development
  • Santa Cruz Agriculture and Food Processing cluster strategy and engagement
  • Arizona Governor’s Strategic Planning for Economic Development (GSPED) Cluster Strategies: software, bi-otech, aerospace, semiconductors, optics and advanced materials.
  • Northwest Food Processors Cluster Assessment and Roadmap
Economic Sustainability Services
  • Joint Venture: Silicon Valley: Index of Silicon Valley (2000 & 2001)
  • Coyote Valley Agricultural Feasibility Study
  • San Mateo County Shared Vision 2010: Promise of the Peninsula
  • San Mateo County Shared Vision 2010, Update of Quality of Life Indicators, 2005
  • Sacramento Metro Chamber: Sacramento Region Clean Tech Green Pages
  • Greenfield Economic Gardening Program Implementation
  • Laughlin Township Economic Development Organizational Development and Marketing
  • California Center for Regional Leadership, Informed Regional Choices
Strategic Planning for Economic Development
  • Petaluma Economic Development Strategic Plan
  • Atascadero Economic Development Strategic Plan
  • Carlsbad Economic Development Strategic Plan
  • Laughlin Economic Development Strategic Plan
  • Milpitas Economic Development Strategic Plan
  • Great Valley Center: The Economic Future of the San Joaquin Valley & The Sacramento Valley
  • San Joaquin Valley Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS)
  • Santa Cruz County Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS)
  • Sonoma County Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS)
  • South Colusa County Economic Development Strategic Plan
Analysis of Real Estate, Market Feasibility, and Economic Impacts
  • Economic Impacts of Facebook’s Menlo Park Campus
  • Portland Development Commission: Gateway Area Business Development Strategy
  • East Palo Alto Analysis of Market Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats
  • Market Demand for Commercial and Industrial Space in Sutter County
  • Redmond, OR Airport Lands Development Strategy
  • Economic Impacts of Manufacturing in Petaluma, CA
  • Clarksburg AVA Wine and Tourism Feasibility Study
  • South Greenfield Market Feasibility and Land Use Recommendations
  • Butte Tourism/ Outdoor Recreation Feasibility and Economic Impacts
  • Greenfield Artisan Agriculture and Visitor Services Feasibility Study
  • Economic Impacts of Developing Farmland in South Colusa County
General Plans
  • Santa Clara County General Plan: Transportation Element and Regional Governance
  • Palo Alto General Plan Housing and Economy Background Reports
  • Sutter County Agricultural Resources Element & Background Technical Reports